What do I think of Dr. Courtney Hunt and her book?


My name is Kris. I’m a mom here in Phoenix, Arizona and I just turned 47 this past August.

On these pages you’ll find my personal wellness journey under the teachings of Dr. Courtney Hunt.

I started paying attention to Dr. Hunt when I saw before and after photos of people she has helped on Instagram. Also, my neighbor transformed, looks so darn healthy and I knew she was paying attention to Dr. Hunt.

My husband and I have big retirement plans to travel the country in an RV and I want to be healthy and active to do it. I think Dr. Hunt will help get me there.

I learn best by writing things down, so the purpose of these blog posts is to help myself put it all together, it’s a lot.

Not only is Dr. Hunt a great teacher for taking care of the body, I have learned so much more. Beyond my expectations. She’s brilliant and humanity needs her…I hope these blog posts bring many more people to her book and teachings.

Is Dr. Hunt the doctor you see personally?

Nope, I’ve never met her personally. I called her office to learn she no longer takes insurance. I’m sure the testing she does would not be covered by insurance, and that I can’t understand. Is it too good for you? Insurance companies want you to stay sick, I guess.

What kind of testing?

Here’s her website, Genetic Protocol. She offers a genetic test that gives you the a health protocol based on your genes. You review the test results with Dr. Hunt and she will give you the tools you need for optimal health that include diet, exercise, sunshine and the appropriate supplements according to your test results. All of this is the expense that is not covered by insurance. The vitamin company is hers and any of those recommendations would be a cost, too. Why is medicine covered by insurance and vitamins are not? I digress.

One day, I may pay for the testing to see the vitamins I need. For now, I do not take any vitamins. Any vitamin supplement I’ve taken in the past didn’t seem to work. Not saying that I would have this experience with Dr. Hunt’s supplements, just not ready yet.

Baby steps. In any case, her content is helping so much already. Plus, I have trust issues, I’ve been burned before by trusting people I’ve met on the internet. I’m growing!

So, I’m back in the saddle. This time with Dr. Hunt. She is passionate and is on a mission to share her message (and book) to all and offers free teachings on Instagram, daily. I’ve read her book, listen when I can and these blog posts are a reflection of the countless free teachings she’s offered.

How is it going?

I started paying attention on a Saturday in September 2021. I’m getting healthier by the day. I gained 10lbs over summer (too much beer and cheese) and that weight is gone! …and that’s just the start of my health journey so far.

So far, I trust Dr. Hunt. These pages will be updated regularly as I learn more.

In a Nutshell, What I Dr. Hunt’s Message?

On the surface, you can see that she is indeed healing people all over the world.

However, her message runs so.much.deeper.

In a nutshell she answers the question, how does science differ from religion? Man, I’ve learned so much, it will literally blow your mind. It’s a lot and the best way for me to discuss this is thru a story….

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