Is Keto a Lifestyle? I say yes. True, I’m not a medical expert. I’m a mom in my late 40s just trying to take great care of myself now and beyond. I started a Ketosis lifestyle after reading and listening to Dr. Courtney Hunt. Here’s the positive things I’ve noticed.

1. Weight loss

I’ve been on the Ketosis journey for less than 2 months. My weight when I started was 171lb. My current wait is 160lb and my goal is 145lb. I’m almost 5’9″

2. Helps with brain fog

I just overall feel more present. More alert. Like someone went into my brain and did some spring cleaning, emptied the trash and everthing just functions a little better.

3. I’m sleeping better

Prior to eating this way, I had a terrible habit of sleeping for a few hours waking up and putting my phone under my ear – thru the pillow- to listen to a podcast. The sleep from that point on was sporadic and I never felt fully rested.

4. I don’t feel hungry

I eat bacon and eggs for most breakfasts, fried in butter and topped with chese. The fat fills me up for hours. I really do feel satisfied! It’s amazing.

Again, Is Keto A Lifestyle?

I love these changes. For these reasons alone, that’s enough for me! Plus, by getting my body into a Ketosis state, I have a better chance of “running my dishwasher” better with kicks off Autophagy, a process that does so many amazing things like fighting cancer and reversing age.

Want more information?

This is a quick summary but for a deep dive, start following Dr. Courtney Hunt on Instagram, she is brilliant and shines light on so many topics.

Dr. Courtney Hunt

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