How does science differ from religion, a story….

Chapter 1

On a beautiful day in August 1974 a beautiful baby girl, “Sam”, was born. Sam was a bit of a surprise child, but was quickly welcomed into her new home – the youngest of 5 kids.

Her brother was 5.5 years older, and he was excited to no longer be the baby of the family and couldn’t wait to play with Sam when she got home.

He was soon disappointed, “She doesn’t do anything!”

This little baby, Sam, was a gift from the heavens – but couldn’t walk, couldn’t speak and over the next 7 years she would be taught EVERYTHING this family lives and breathes and her brain would be programmed with the foundation.

The rules are:

  1. We go to church on Sundays. Every Sunday to wash away the sins of the week. We’ll learn about Jesus. There is a book written about him called the Bible. You’ll have lots of questions, but don’t ask them because – “This is just how it is!”
  2. You cannot ride rides at the amusement park until at least 30 minutes after you’ve eaten.
  3. You brother, the one 5.5 years older, proudly taught you “everything thing you know.”
  4. I wish I could be more specific with what I learned, but it was all before I was 7 and my conscience can’t remember, but my subconscious sure can!

Sam grew up a very social kid, questioned everything and gave her parents a run for their money.

Chapter 2

Then she met a boy. They decided to get married.

The Catholic Religion was so strong in her family that she even had an uncle that was a priest.

My uncle can do it!

To Uncle “We’d be honored if you’d marry us, we’ve picked the venue and would love to get married outdoors in a beautiful garden.”

“Oh, we can’t do that. You see. God would not bless a wedding outdoors. In order for your wedding to be blessed by the church, the ceremony would have to take place in a church.”

Wait, Why inside a church – isn’t got everythere? Especially outdoors where he’s created all the things?

Good, point but you’ll have to asked the bishop for permission.

Permission denied.

So, she asked a perfect stranger who was also a religious leader. He said yes.

Chapter 3

Then, one day in September 2021 Sam noticed Dr. Courtney Hunt was live on Instagram again. She seems to go live every morning and she pushed the button. The rest is history.

In a nutshell, she’d learned

  1. There is no difference between science and religion.
  2. The Sun is the Son of God. Not Jesus. (Sam’s 29-year-old self intuitively knew this when she got married!)
  3. The sun emits waves, communication that is the exact code necessary for us to be healthy. Getting sunshine into the skin and eyes (without glasses or contacts) is key to receiving the messages.
  4. Eating a ketosis based diet cleans our bodies and cells allowing for the best line of communication to life.
  5. Fasting is key to healing, because it kicks off an amazing natural process called autophagy.
  6. All of the leaders before us…government….religions….the people in power know this – but have kept it hidden from us for centuries.


Power and greed. What else could could it be? If we stay sick, they still make money and control us.

In fact, women are powerful beyond measure. Did the Bible teach you this?

This will piss a lot of people off. This will make you angry. This will turn everything you’ve ever been taught on it’s head.

Welcome. Learn on!

fasting with water
fasting with water

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