How fasting with water can change your life

NEVER in a million years did I think I would have the idea, “I should do a fast”

Until now, 2021.

2020/21 has been rough and eye opening at the same time. Agree? It’s made me take a deeper dive into taking care of my health and what I believe in, spiritually.

I’m questioning it all, the foundations of everything. Religion. Politics. Health.

What I was doing early in the pandemic was not working. Watching the news, getting all wrapped up and spinning out of control with my thoughts with most of the world. Lots and lots of FEAR.

I knew I needed a change and then my cell phone rang and it was my friend Kris offering an astrology class. That’s when everything started to change.

Looking up was the BEST THING I could have done to deal with this reality here on earth.

Today, the topic is fasting.

In a nutshell, I’ve learned that fasting is a natural healer that has been around since…forever. Every religion you can think of has fasting.

When your body does not have food to process, it’s starts cleaning house. What does it get rid of? Toxins, excess fat, unhealthy cells.

Why don’t we know about this? Why isn’t this the focus of our government rather than the stupid food pyramid scheme.

It’s like someone wants the country to be sick.

People are sick. Over 50% of Americans are considered obese. Eating the standard American diet will give you the standard American diseases.

Imagine the impact of a pandemic on a country of healthy people. Would we even be a pandemic right now?

Benefits of fasting….drinking only water

  1. Weight loss
  2. Autophagy & cellular repair
  3. Anti-aging benefits
  4. Immune boosting
  5. Digestive healing
  6. Improved insulin sensitivity
  7. Stress reduction
  8. Better focus
  9. Decreased inflammation
  10. Water fasting can regenerate your entire immune system in 72 hours!

How long should I water fast? Here’s a timeline of benefits…

4-8 hours: blood sugar drops

16 hours: fat burning begins

18-20 hours: autophagy begins

36 hours: autophagy increases by 300%

54 hours: Insulin sensitivity increases

72 hours autophagy peaks

So would you do it…fasting with water?

This is not medical advice, before starting any of the ideas suggested in this post, please consult with your doctor.

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