Restaurants Near Camelback Mountain – A List Created By Locals

A salad you really enjoy

Favorite Takeout Restaurants Near Camelback Mountain

Favorite coffee fix

A local entree you love and crave

  • Cornish Pasty‘s vegan pasties
  • Tarbell’s ribbon pasta with chicken sausage
  • The Parlor’s cauliflower risotto with grilled shrimp
  • North’s short rib gnocchi
  • Postino’s tuna
  • The nachos (or any other creative dish) at Verdura. Vegetarian restaurant. Classy, clean, great atmosphere & the food choices are very innovative and fun.

If you could eat any dessert, what would it be?

Sometimes life calls for a burger, where to?

Same for pizza…

If you were to recommend a breakfast item/join…where?

Drinks with friends on a patio…

What local gem is up your sleeve that you have not mentioned?

One of your favorite restaurants near Camelback Mountain not mentioned? Tell us in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Restaurants Near Camelback Mountain – A List Created By Locals”

  1. Noble Eatery. Most of the local restaurants carry their bread and they are still open with a fabulous menu featuring local chefs

  2. Have you tried Percepshen on Central? It is a new concept combining ALL local, organic, fresh ingredients. The chef/owner changes the menu with the changing seasons and availability of amazing vegetables and ingredients. He butchers and uses every bit of each animal he selects for his special dishes. His wife is a pastry chef – don’t get me started on what she can do! My husband and I are vegan and can always find something on the menu. Check out Instagram to see the tantalizing photography of whatever they are offering on any given day.

    • Betty! I have not tried this resturant, but your description makes me want to drive on over right now. Thanks for this, it sounds amazing!!


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