Camelback Inn Resort and Spa

📍Know what I recommend? Wednesday birthdays.

No pressure for big plans. It’s a Wednesday!

Know what I did?

Checked myself in to the Camelback Inn Resort and Spa

Day started with the most awesome restorative yoga class by @supyogaaz – after some way cool hip opener moves with belts and some fancy, feel good poses – he got his guitar out at the end and sang a tune! That class was next level awesome.

Then I read, journaled and dipped in the pool until my massage.

Massage on my birthday. Am I a queen?! Must be.

This massage had cherries on top with a scalp massage and foot scrub magic. I don’t know about you, but a scalp massage? Heaven treatment.

Then it rained and I enjoyed a beer at the bar along with a turkey sandwich.

Came home to some cookie surprises and a sweet ass family.

A great day to be 47! 🙌❤️

Oh, and you know what else!? The steam room has a shower in it. When you get too hot and suddenly want to run the hell out, you pull a rope and cool water falls on you. That may be too much detail, but I’d sure want to know this glorious tidbit!

Go be a queen on your birthday. Spend some quality time loving on your awesome self. Celebrate getting older. It’s a real luxury. The Camelback Inn will take good care of you!

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