Here’s an EASY idea to make 2022 the BEST!

Happy New Year!

Our family is taking on a little project this year and I love it so much I wanted to share it with you. Did I think of it? I saw it on Jay Shetty’s feed scrolling Instagram one day.

Here it is…

Each week, each of us is writing down something good that happened during the week (cue the teenager groan) and popping it into a jar. Then, on NYE 2022 our family is going to sit down together and read about the awesome year we had.

Simple and impactful, right?

To do this, I picked up a metal tin with a lid from Target – it was in the seasonal section in the front of the store. I can’t find the exact one online, but something like this. Then, I hand-cut a bunch of squares out of colorful construction paper and placed it next to the jar along with a pen. Set-up time? 2 minutes.

No matter the year, I think it’s important to look for silver linings, they are always there. We’re coming for you 2022!

Also, in 2022 I’m hoping to send you more love notes like this. To do that, no bells and whistles will be added to this email. Keeping it simple, writing to you like I would a friend – which you are!

One more housekeeping thing, I’ve renewed my blog which basically means I paid a bill. To offset the cost, I’ve given permission for some ads to be placed on my site. The next time you visit, could you do me a favor and tell me if they are placed in good taste? Visiting a blog that is overtaken by ads is yuck, I don’t want that to be my blog. However, the offset of cost will be nice!

I do love doing the blog.

I’ve been spending time cleaning it up with topics that I want to return to day after day.

I’ve got a new page called minimal living which is a collection of my tried and true favorite things. The list is short and sweet (so far) and many things you will recognize because I’ve mentioned them before. Slowly, I’ll find new loves and grow the page.

Like my new pillow!

Here’s the story…4th of July weekend 2020 we stayed at an AirBNB, I loved the pillow so much that I ripped the pillowcase off to see what it was. Tuft & Needle, a local Phoenix company. I searched it up. $85 bucks. Sigh, that’s a lot for a pillow, so I didn’t buy it.

A few weeks ago I slept wrong again and woke up with the ‘I can’t turn my neck situation’ – and decided to pull the trigger.

It’s been about a week and my neck has never felt more loved. When I roll over in the middle of the night I give thanks to my pillow. My neck feels so much better during the day and my mobility and has never been better. Seriously, what a difference!

OK, this was fun. Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope you take on the 2022 challenge with us!

Talk soon, Kris