about little dot

So your intrigued and curious to learn more. Here’s some questions you might ask me…

I take care of the details from when you land in the city to the point you return home. Details such as: restaurant recommendations, activities, history jaunts, shopping, local hotspots and off the beaten path ideas.  Each day will start with an intention and plan. 

$300 for a weekend trip. $500 for a week trip. Get a group of friends together, split the cost and suddenly we’re talking! You might be asking, “why so much?” I’m not looking for a ton of clients, then I wouldn’t be able to do my most important job as Mom or plan our own family’s travels well. If you are one of my few clients, you’ll get my whole heart into planning your trip and finding just the right agenda for you and your group. 

It’s my specialty! Plus, it’s the most value for your money. Split the cost up among your group and get out there and celebrate!

6+ months in advance.  I need TIME to research your trip for you based on your interests. Research time is essential for an amazing experience. 

All of my recommendation are completely based off the reviews and research I do. I don’t receive any perks.  BUT, if there were ever a restaurant, hotel or activity that I recommended and they gave some sort of perk for suggesting it to you, I would let you know.

why little dot?

Need a little twist of the arm? Here’s a handy list of the reasons why I should plan your amazing…


Save time. You are busy and planning a trip takes a heck of a lot of research. Research and creating a solid plan is the difference between a trip and an amazing adventure.


New great relationship. If we are like minded souls, how perfect! It’s like finding the perfect hairdresser that you also kind of like as a human being.  With any luck, you’ll enjoy me planning your vacations so much that your first booking will be one of many trips I plan for you and your loved ones!


It’s fun. We’re talking dreams people and making them come alive! What could be more exciting!


Minimal cost for value. Think about a trip with a travel plan.  Now without. Go with a plan if you want amazing!


Luxury. Hiring me is a luxury. Yes, I’m helping you solve a problem by adding more time back in your day, but you could do it. But why? Reach out to me and see if I will be a good fit. Then, kick back and be a guest of your own vacation! 


why hire Kris?

Lets take it to the streets…

Celeste, my dear friend who joined me on my 40th girlfriend getaway to Santa Barbara says, “It’s trips like the Santa Barbara getaway Kris planned that give me the energy and zest to keep up the pace. 

I’m always planning and scheduling for everyone in our family. It was a treat to have a travel fairy take over. From arrival through departure, nothing was missed. We ate at some of the best local restaurants, sipped amazing  wine, and  toured vineyards along the countryside on bicycles. We even shared a night dancing (I was stomping) to a memorable blues band. 

This was a trip filled with moments to look back on. I am forever grateful to Kris for making it memorable and easy.” 

More questions or ready to start planning? Let’s go!

Email me directly at littledotbigdifference@gmail.com.