So your intrigued and curious to learn more. Yay! Here's some questions you might be thinking...

What part of our vacation do you plan?

Good question.  I take care of the details of what you do once you reach the destination.  What you are going to do, what your are going to eat and where your going to sleep.  How you get there is completely up to you.

What do you charge?

The service is completely free as long as you choose to stay in the recommended lodging.  The lodging I choose are places I want to stay, too.  I've worked to establish lodging contracts and how I get 'paid' is reduced or complimentary stays for bringing business (e.g. YOU!) to the hotel. What you get is a completely personalized itinerary for your entire trip which is PRICELESS if you have ever spent time planning travel before.  

It's a winning scenario for all involved. 

Do you have an sample itinerary?


I like the concept, but I want to go somewhere you have not listed.

We can still work something out. I can charge you for a personalized itinerary. Or, if it's a trip that I'd like to take someday that just isn't on the growing list yet...maybe we can establish a lodging contract.  If that's the case, it would be free. Your itinerary will just involve more time to set-up.