my story

"With my heart, I believe the most fun can be had on any vacation with a solid plan." 

My passion for travel struck the first time I stepped onto an airplane my sophomore year of college. Wait. Sophomore year of college?! Yep, first time. My parents are firm believers in the road trip. We'd head out to visit relatives in Vermont every other summer.  I loved the road trip, but my passion for travel hit a new level when the the wheels lifted on my first flight to California.


In fact, I fell in love with traveling so much that I was determined to find a post college career that offered 100% travel. I landed one as a Computer Information Consultant and lived in hotel rooms from city to city for the next 6 years of my life.


Then, I headed into my 30s. Life for the next decade brought on marriage, 3 kids, dogs and a mortgage. All of these are also dreams come true!  My 40th birthday rolled around and one of my best friends invited me to Paris. That's all it took, the travel bug struck again!

After Paris, I put the desire to show our kids corners of the world into action with an annual road trip from Phoenix to Wisconsin. In the future, we dream of traveling with our kids to cities and experiences overseas. Our ultimate goal is to retire by selling everything we own, purchasing an RV and spending time in our favorite spots, new and old, across the globe. 


This website is our bucket list of travel dreams. Looking back on our past adventures, the best trips had details planned and considered ahead of time. Trips like this invite you step inside your vacation, kick back and relax letting the plan roll out in front of you. Ahh! I want your vacations to feel like this. I know that many of our friends have similar travel dreams, maybe even YOU reading this. Our travel dreams are coming true, this will be fun!  


Let me plan your amazing!