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the proposal

Welcome! Do you love adventure and vacations to new destinations? Do you love showing your kids pockets of the world? How about trips to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary? Now. What about the research & planning part? Love that? Not so much? How's your schedule looking, busy? Good. I want plan your next trip for you! A customized itinerary so you and your loved ones can just show up to your vacation and enjoy. AND I want to do this for free, possibly. Intriqued? Yay! So glad you're here.

Hello! I'm Kris Kainass and I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband, 3 littles and our sweet dog. I've put together a list of our travel dreams, just below. Take a peek and if you find yourself saying, "Hey, that's where I wanna go!" Great, read on!


You see, I've been putting my heart into this project and I've set up lodging contracts with a number of outfitters; from luxury accomodations to good old fashioned campgrounds. If you use one of these outfitters, perfect. In exchange, your travel itinerary is free! Have a different destination or lodging in mind? That works, too! My travel consulting fees prices start at $500. 


Let me help you plan amazing!

the destinations

the lake

Grab some families and rent a huge home with a bunk room for the kids. Fish, swim and play the day away and share meals over a bonfire.

the mountains

From a winter ski adventure to summer hikes, the mountains have an outdoor adventure for everyone no matter the season.

the roadtrip

Who doesn't love a great old fashioned road trip. A right of passage for childhood! The journey is part of the adventure.

the city

Broadway shows, amazing museums and culture. Times Square to Central Park, my favorite city in America, New York!

the wine country

Sipping wine along the country side with great friends celebrating something or someone special. A must!

the desert

Experience some of the best spas in the world and wonderful hikes, golf and dining. The Arizona vibe and the scenery can't be beat!

the juicy bits

Why travel?

A little inspirational list of 6 reasons to get planning now...


Life is short. Spend it with the people you love doing all the things. 


Appreciation. Sometimes stepping away from loved ones is the best move. Did I just say plan a trip with friends!? I sure did. 


Perspective. A break from every day routine and stresses is just what's needed to gain a little perspective.   


Simplify. Buy the stuff you need and love. Keep the clutter out. Be ready to say YES to any adventure that comes your way! 


Dream. Not only of the places you want to visit but who you want to be. Travel and discover you.  


Celebrate! Special friends, family, birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones.

the praise 

Why hire Kris?

Let's take it to the streets...

"It’s trips like the Santa Barbara getaway Kris planned that give me the energy and zest to keep up the pace. 


I’m always planning and scheduling for everyone in our family. It was a treat to have a travel fairy take over. From arrival through departure, nothing was missed. We ate at some of the best local restaurants, sipped amazing  wine, and  toured vineyards along the countryside on bicycles. We even shared a night dancing (I was stomping) to a memorable blues band. 


This was a trip filled with moments to look back on. I am forever grateful to Kris for making it memorable and easy." ~ Celeste (Mother and lovely friend, Phoenix, AZ)

the pulse check  

So there you have it, the quick and easy overview. Pulse check. How are you feeling right now? Choose a dot!

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