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I'm Kris Kainass and I want you to picture a huge vacuum named Motherhood. Now, see your hair all nuts from the hose? It would love all of you, but no way, sucker! I want to inspire you to be Mama and also be YOU! It's so easy to get lost in Motherhood...

I do lifestyle consulting in sunny Arizona, where I live with my hubby, 3 kiddos and pooch. My favorite sounds are the morning rev of our coffee machine, a  contagious laugh (surprise snort... bonus!) and the crunch of hiking trail beneath my feet.

I've worn many o' titles over the years but Mommy is my favorite. Living, I mean really living, by being true to my heart has never been so important with three sets of eyeballs watching my every move. Whoa!

Mama Nuggets

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Sisterhood Consulting

Because no mama should be inspired to live by their heart and then be left hanging. Sometimes heart changes can feel overwhelming to go at it alone. Let's talk. Cuz, dang, I wanna see you fly and watch your family say, "Whoa, Mom, I don't know what changed in you but I love it!"

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