I’m Kris Kainass and I believe mothers are modern day superheros.

I do lifestyle design work here in sunny Arizona, where my favorite sound is the crunch of hiking trail underneath my feet.  You can find me spending time with my family, laughing with girlfriends over a cocktail or a cold beer (Wisconsin girl at heart!) and tapping into the inner super hero in Mothers everywhere.

 This little diddy…you? Is this a little bit you?

I see you.  I see the sweat, tears & love you’re putting into this whole motherhood gig. I see you pushing needs and dreams aside for your family. That’s how awesome you are, you do this because this is what superheros do. Take care of others needs while being kind, strong and amazing in the process. Deep down, you know when your baby starts school there will be more time for you.  So you do what any hero would do, selflessly save the day. Day after day. I see you performing super human stunts day and night with a smile of your face, mostly.  The day comes when your baby walks thru the doors of Kindergarten and you fall to the ground and kiss it only to turn around to a choir of people asking, “Now what are you going to do?” 
Whether your baby just started Kindergarten this year or eons ago, if you are not content with the road you are on, HI! It’s time for you and a new mission, friend. I see all those amazing dreams in your mind that you’ve been patiently waiting to start. The world around needs you do take action.  Your family needs to see the many and beautiful sides of you. But, with anything new, it’s freaky and I see your hesitation. Let’s talk. This will be a great investment for you and your family. It’s time to adjust that cape of yours and adventure somewhere new, take my hand and lets go!  

Why Little Dot?

On the Fence? Unconvinced? Here are the handy top 5 reasons why you and I would make and awesome pair.

One. I’m a mom and I know what it’s like to get swallowed up within everyone else’s needs.

Two. I’ll listen. Listen, to you and your dreams and be your biggest encouragement that that they are possible.

Three. We will take those scary steps to making them happen, together.

Four. It will be fun.  Our relationship. The things we work on together. The coffee. The conversation. Everything.

Five. It’s time to make the dreams that are important to you come alive.  They matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your ideal client?
Mothers with pretty little dreams and wishlists stock piled on the back burner. We’ll pick each item up, analyze what we want to do with them and start taking action!

Are you a life coach, counselor or psychologist?
Nope. This service is for otherwise healthy mothers who want to tackle projects and make shit happen, together.

Do you only work with mothers who chose to stay home with their kids?

How much will this cost? 

Schedule Time!

I’m waiting to hear from you to have coffee in person or over skype. I cannot wait!!

Praise for Little Dot

“First happy client quote here” ~ Yay!